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      CertiScan®: Adherence Matters

      Press Release

      Information Mediary Corp. and Adherence Partner to Launch RevolutionaryDigital MMAS Integration for Medication Adherence

      Information Mediary Corp. and Adherence Partner to Launch RevolutionaryDigital MMAS Integration for Medication Adherence 6 May 2024
      By: Information Mediary Corp


      May 6, 2024 – New York, NY -- Information Mediary Corp (IMC) and Adherence have
      collaborated to introduce a digitized Morisky Medication Adherence Scale (MMAS),
      revolutionizing medication adherence management. This innovative solution signifies a
      significant advancement in precision and efficiency in patient care.

      The Morisky scale plays a crucial role in ensuring patients adhere to their prescribed
      medications, directly impacting treatment outcomes by preventing disease progression,
      reducing complications, and enhancing overall health outcomes.

      Recognized as the gold standard for assessing medication adherence, the MMAS-4 and
      MMAS-8 have been referenced in over 31,298 academic journals.

      This new partnership combines IMC’s cutting-edge dose analytics with Adherence's
      expertise to create a solution that integrates patient-reported MMAS data with objective
      adherence information. Through this collaboration, IMC will seamlessly integrate MMAS
      with the CertiScan Adherence Insight Platform, eCAP, and Med-ic, providing partners
      with a comprehensive suite of tools for advanced adherence monitoring and improved
      patient outcomes.

      A key focus of this partnership is the development of APIs for third-party platform
      integration. This initiative will enable industry partners to leverage the benefits of this
      innovative solution across various healthcare setting.

      Dean Brotzel, CTO of IMC, emphasized, “The digital MMAS integration marks a
      significant milestone in medication adherence monitoring. By leveraging combined data
      sources, we are transforming the approach healthcare providers and patients take
      towards medication adherence.

      For media inquiries or more information on the groundbreaking collaboration between
      IMC and Adherence, please contact or

      About Information Mediary Corp (IMC): IMC is at the forefront of developing smart
      packaging solutions that integrate cutting-edge technology to enhance patient safety,
      medication adherence, and healthcare outcomes.

      IMC’s Med-ic® is the only Smart Dose blister ever submitted with a FDA priority review
      resulting in a blockbuster drug approval. Over a million smart Med-ic blisters have been
      used over the past few years to gather valuable adherence data from over 20 million
      doses in pivotal clinical trials with customers such as AbbVie and Merck.

      About Adherence: The MMAS (Morisky Medication Adherence Scale), developed by
      Dr. Donald Morisky and several co-authors, is a 4 and 8 item self-report Morisky
      Medication Adherence Scales questionnaire that evaluates medication adherence by
      probing behaviors like medication forgetting or discontinuation. The MMAS is widely
      applied in healthcare research and clinical practice, aiding in the identification of
      patients at risk of non-adherence and guiding the customization of adherence

      Adherence serves as the catalyst with pharmaceutical firms, telehealth initiatives, and IT
      platforms seamlessly integrating MMAS into their systems and procedures. MMAS is
      intricately woven into defined protocols for standards of care, endpoints and outcome
      measures in clinical trials, medication therapy management, and patient intake

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      Joanne Watters
      General Manager
      Direct Tel: +1-345-815-3993
      Office Tel: +1-345-815-3992
      North America Tel: +1-613-281-3424


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