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      CertiScan®: Adherence Matters

      Engineering Services

      Bespoke digital solutions for unique packaging needs.
      IMC is a healthtech pioneer, with a 20+ year track record of digital packaging and software platform innovation.
      Whether it’s realizing the vision for a breakthrough product, or overcoming a stubborn business problem, our team can craft precision solutions for projects where success is the only option


      Printed Electronics

      Packaging Materials

      Electronic Sensors

      Digital Display Labels (DLLs)

      Wireless Communication (NFC, BLE, IoT)

      Training Data for AI Models

      Cloud Infrastructure (Microservices, Kubernetes)

      Compliance (HIPAA, GDPR, 21 CFR 11, etc.)

      Recent Work

      Infusion and Injectable Management

      Infusion and Injectable Management

      For sensitive or expensive vials. Protect patients from harm, improve effectiveness and reduce costs and waste. Options to monitor vials as a pack or individually per vial container.

      Innovative packaging with embedded sensors to prevent theft, counterfeiting and tampering (like dilutions). Can detect temperature, humidity, and other environmental exposure. Real-time alerts and triggerable actions.

      Novel infusion sensors that work with standard industry equipment and are not directly in contact with solutions, pumps, or other equipment. Focus on measuring and analyzing administration times, progress, and flow rates.

      Digital Display Labels (DDLs)

      On-package screens that can be programmed to show highly specific data.

      Display the right information at the right time. Examples include medication instructions, precautions, storage conditions, expiry dates, quantities, and many more.

      Remotely and reliably adjust any label information using our communications infrastructure.

      Thing, light, and ergonomic. Touchscreen options are available.

      Brand Management with Digital Packaging

      Applying technologies developed for Med-ic and eCap to improve patient experiences and impressions of a brand.

      Using technology to augment a participant’s first few days’ taking a specialty medicine. Detecting dose events and other milestones automatically with Bluetooth, NFC or QR codes, and triggering interactive, curated, mobile app and web page experiences. Intent is to capture early patient impressions and ensure positive, successful treatment experience.

      Upon interacting with packaging, trigger virtual presentations in mobile apps or webpages for brand retention activities, greater ecosystem education, localization, customer support.

      Who We Serve

      Big Pharma, Small Pharma...
      Focusing on the pharmaceutical industry lets us leverage our existing, time-tested medication adherence solutions. They become building blocks to de-risk projects and accelerate timelines. This focus also lets us approach each project with a profound level of in-house expertise and industry relationships that our team has cultivated over 20 years.
      …and Beyond
      The core technologies that underpin our adherence solutions and our team’s high professional standards make IMC an ideal partner for a range of industries and packaging applications. We have served - and will continue to serve - adjacent industries and stakeholders such as transportation, logistics, veterinary medicine, academia and more.

      What We Offer

      Contract Development
      Do you need a hardware solution, a software solution, or a combination of the two? Will it be a standalone, self-contained product, or an integrated solution that works with existing systems? No matter your requirements, there is a solution that our team can spec, build, and support. And if you don’t know what kind of solution you need, we will help you figure that out too.
      Tailored Engagement Models
      We understand that one size doesn't fit all. That's why we offer a range of engagement models to suit your preferences. Whether you’re seeking advisory insights, collaborative co-creation, or turnkey project execution, IMC will adapt to your needs with agility and efficiency.
      Why IMC?

      Concentrated Expertise. Competitive Edge.

      Med-ic, eCap, and the CertiScan Platform transformed clinical research, and now serve as the building blocks for your projects. This eliminates the need to invent or bootstrap technology infrastructure, while also bringing along a high level of regulatory compliance.
      Our multidisciplinary workforce brings a wealth of experience and know-how to every project. Not just technical experience, but project management, and regulatory compliance as well. We’ve gone through the learning curve, so you can skip the learning curve.
      We know the unique challenges of making hardware, and have ISO 9001 certified facilities in North America and Asia. We also have a vast supply chain and worldwide subcontractor relationships.
      We follow the Agile methodology to achieve objectives and iterate rapidly to satisfy the customer. You are not a customer in a queue, you are a partner and your problem will be addressed with laser focus.

      Track Record

      Excellence isn't just our goal; it's our legacy. Your next solution will join a lineup of successful achievements.





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      Let's Talk

      Our mission is to create adherence-focused technologies that enable safer, faster, more efficient, and more innovative clinical research. There’s an IMC solution that will transform your next trial. Don’t wait, start the conversation with our team now. We’ll reach out in order to:
      • Deeply understand your particular needs.
      • Explore how Med-ic®, eCap™, and CertiScan®, can benefit your study.
      • Work collaboratively to prepare a specific solution that will exceed your expectations.

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